Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Monday, July 28, 2014

Health and Life updates

We have still been feeling pretty well and having family fun.  First... some health updates.

Heath updates

L is going to get an ear tube surgery soon.  I don't know the exact date yet, but soon.  Super isolation has been working!  He has had no super high fevers, just really low ones, no viral or bacterial infections.  His most recent immune function blood work looked normal.  His liver and spleen have returned to normal size.  The vegan diet has been working SO well for us.  L has been eating more, complaining of tummy pain less, and less tantrums.

I have been in for my check in with the rheumatologist.  I have some kidney issues again.  One of the antibodies I produce attacks my kidneys and eventually may cause failure.  So we have to watch them carefully and deal with that when it comes.  Especially since they were failing in pregnancy.  Right now it is at a watch and wait point.  The hope is that with meds we can slow down the process.  I kept complaining of side pain to my PCP, but he couldn't figure it out and we agreed it must be inflammation in my ribs.  Sounds like it may have actually been pain from my kidneys not functioning well.

Life updates

We have been enjoying the sun (with proper sun screen of course). 

And I think I am addicted to downsizing.  Our house is slowly emptying to get ready for tiny house life, and it is liberating.  For anyone that wants to downsize, but you don't know where to start or how to decide:  start in one room with 3-4 empty boxes/bags.  In one box put things you want to donate, in one things you are on the fence about, in one things you want to recycle, and one optional one for what you want to throw away.  Then recycle, donate, and trash those things.  With the "on the fence" box, close that box and put it somewhere where it is not in the open (a closet, shed, whatever), and then in a month or two, if you haven't even opened the box, revisit it to see if you still want any of it.  Most likely you will end up donating 3/4 of it at least.