Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Monday, July 21, 2014

The journey has begun!

Our journey has officially begun!  We bought our trailer this weekend, which just coincidentally was my birthday.  We got an amazing deal on it.  The infrastructure is in good condition (from what we can tell with the trailer shell still intact), but the interior is pretty junky, which is why we got a good deal.  We plan on trying to salvage some materials from the inside too if we can.  I'm hoping for the stove, water tank, maybe some windows.  I have no idea yet what will be reusable until we get it taken apart.  Here she is...

Our attempt at using the timer on the camera for a family photo.

We also bought our front door.  It is salvage and we got an even further discount.  It was just too pretty I couldn't pass it up.  I really wanted a round window in the house, but don't feel confident enough about our construction skills to figure that out (I'm sure it isn't that hard, but I want to keep the design as simple as possible).  So the perfect compromise is a round window in the door!
I know it's a terrible picture, but it was taken in the store.

Here are our current plans.  I have drawn up several, but I think this is our favorite.  Also, my other plans were for a shorter trailer since I didn't know what we would find.  Our trailer is 23 ft x 8 ft (184 sqft).  I am certain that it will change as we start building.  Our bedroom will be a loft above the porch and bathroom. 

We have been downsizing, and it has been awesome!  We will eventually get rid of all of our furniture for built in furniture in the tiny house.  It is amazing how much stuff babies use for such a short period of time!  It feels great to get rid of those huge items that take up room that L doesn't even use anymore.


I just wanted to add a couple of pictures of my birthday too. 

I was nervous that L would be afraid of the horse and wouldn't touch it, but he LOVED it!  He was really sad to leave.

It is a tradition in our family to go to Mallard's Ice Cream for birthdays.  They make their ice cream from scratch.  They make tons of flavors including stuff you wouldn't see anywhere else, and the flavors are always changing.  This time the strangest one was whiskey flavor.  They even have dairy-free for L!  Here he is giving a thumbs up to show he likes his ice cream.