Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Sunday, August 10, 2014

County Fair, Health and House updates

Health updates

I will get these out of the way first.

L has now been without an infection for a whole month!  Woohoo!  That is such a huge thing for our family.  He has a consultation scheduled with Children's for his ear surgery next week.  He had a follow up with the eye doctor this week.  His eye surgery is still holding well.  He has blepheritis, which is a swelling of the eye lids, which is most likely from his dairy allergy.  Hopefully this will get better over time with a vegan diet.  It seems like he may have some vision troubles, but it is too hard to tell at this point/age.  Some awesome news is that he has been learning to "read".  By this, I mean, he can recognize/label letters and numbers.  He also is starting to memorize his favorite books, which is super cute. 

I am getting hearing aids.  Yes, you read that right.  I have been hard of hearing for so long that I cope with it well, so most people wouldn't know if I didn't say something.  It is particularly low tones, like men with deeper voices or bass in music, that I can't hear.  I have been feeling so well for weeks, but my body is saying to slow down again.  I am getting very weak, tired, and painful, plus my kidneys have been hurting and lab work is less than perfect.  Time to reel it in a little.  I am so grateful for the weeks I had of feeling a little better though.

House updates

Not that much progress on the home front, because progress requires money, which we are saving, but it is slow going.  We have found where we are potentially going to put our tiny house- Pacific City/Ocean Shores area.  There are lots where it is legal to live in an RV year round there, which is important.  It seems that the majority of tiny house folks have to live sort of secretly so that they don't get kicked off their own land or land they are renting, because it is illegal to live in an RV in most places.  We plan to buy a cheaper lot just off the beach and then save up for a lot right on the ocean.  Can you imagine waking up to the Pacific Ocean every morning?  That would be a dream come true for this marine biologist!

I have redesigned our floor plan.  I tried to make the construction simpler and sturdier.  Since we have never build more than a treehouse, I want to make it as simple as possible.  I also took out the loft to put in only semi-lofted beds.  So about 4 feet off the ground will be our beds, and below we will have libraries (and toy storage for Layne).  Now our house will be one level and not so tall, which will be easier to build and easier to transport.  The couch will stretch the length of the house and our kitchen and bathroom are both small, which is ideal for us.

The County Fair

There are two big occasions in our family every year- pumpkin picking and the county fair.  This week was the county fair.  The last two years I took a break from entering stuff in the fair, since I had my hands full, but this year I entered some again.  I won a Best in Show, two first places, and two second places!  Two were for paintings and two were for photography. 

Some of you may remember I had a very very small art business a few years ago, but didn't have the time to put into it.  I am starting that back up.  I will be selling my photography again!  It is something that I can do when I feel well.

Edit: I do a lot of photography, but over time became much more ill and was unable to create my business. I am legally disabled now.

L is obsessed with farm animals, so he was sort of crazy at the fair.  He was super excited about the pigs, cows, and chickens.  I tried to get some good pictures of him with the animals, but he was a little too crazy to get good ones, so here are some mediocre ones.

First place & Best in Show- top left pregnancy painting
Second place- bottom pregnancy painting

Second place- L in the tulips photo

First place- caterpillar photo

 Petting a baby cow

He was a bit too much for the baby chicks.  He wanted to hold one so badly like the other kids, but was not quite gentle enough.  He really really loved them.

Other summer pictures- hiking, the beach, etc.

L didn't like the feeling of this muddy sand, so we didn't go far.