Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our week and growing up

Our week was full of summer adventures!  Baseball, tall ships, berry picking, and hikes!  There is a flood of pictures to share. 

This week was also a sign that our baby is now a little boy.  Lots of growing up *sigh*.  L moved from a high chair to a booster chair, and we started potty training.  He's in pull ups, and although he hasn't quite figured out what he needs to do on the toilet, he is agreeable.  I feel like potty training is the last step in having a baby.  From there, they just become more and more independent and the kisses and hand-holding wane.  He is already trying to be independent, entering the terrible twos.  Everything is "no" and how far can I push it?  I have a feeling after all the medical stuff he has been forced to cooperate with, he may be a little more difficult through this stage, feeling like he needs a little more control over himself.  We are trying to give him some independence, but two year olds don't have very good judgment and need a little guidance. 

We have taken a break from isolation.  It is an experiment.   Now that his body has been recovered for nearly a month without illness, we will see if he catches anything.  L went to church, in the toddler room with the other kids, today, and we have been in crowds this week.

Enjoy the photos!