Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Surgery Postponed

We were supposed to be having my son's ear tube surgery tomorrow morning and I should be crossing my Ts and dotting my Is getting ready for it.  BUT at the last minute, they informed us that the anesthesiologist is requesting clearance from a cardiologist.  There is fear that anesthesia would not be safe if he still has his PDA (small hole in the heart).  So I have been running around trying to get referrals and appointments and an echo in time for his surgery, but we didn't make it so now we have to reschedule everything.  In a way it is a good thing, because I have been wondering about it and why we haven't had any cardiac follow up for the last 2 years.  He does get tired easily and needs to rest often when playing, but I figured it was his weak muscles or maybe his asthma, but it could be his PDA. 
On a positive note, he has successfully used the potty ONCE.  A valiant effort though.
Not that much progress on the tiny house.  I have been finding ways to cut back on the budget and energy consumption.  Some of these things I took for granted that all houses would have, but I guess we don't really need.  Like a refrigerator.  We are vegan so we don't need to be super careful keeping meats and dairy cold.  We just want some things to stay cold out of preference and to keep them fresh longer.  So we are going to use an ice box.  No electricity needed and cheaper.  Another one, and you may think this is weird, is a toilet.  Yes a toilet.  In a this type of house, we won't have sewage hook up.  So I assumed we would get a fancy manufactured composting toilet, which run over $1000.  They look like a toilet, but the waste stays in the bottom and you empty it.  Some of these claim to do the composting inside, but I don't really think that is accurate.  So you have to deal with it one way or another.  So we will have a very nice bucket system.  No, you will not have to sit directly on a bucket, but it will be there will be a bucket below you.  Just some small ways to lessen the impact on our wallet and on the planet. 
Also, I absolutely love downsizing.  I have always loved the feeling of donating huge loads of stuff to Goodwill.  I have sold some stuff, but usually that takes too long for me and I end up donating it.  I hate holding stuff in my house just waiting for it to leave.  Today when L was throwing a tantrum- he refused to nap today, which was no fun for anyone in the evening- I de-stressed by finding things to put in the Goodwill pile.
I also just wanted to give some advice on making bread.  I have been baking all of our family's bread for a few months now.  I have been playing around with the recipe and have just this week finally made a masterpiece.  My bread had been turning out too dense.  I wanted fluffy bread!  So, some tips....
          Use bread flour, not all purpose
          Use milk substitute in place of water- except when softening the yeast
          Use super fresh active yeast and make sure you let it soak in very warm water for a good  amount of time
          Make sure you actually let the bread rise to double- recipes usually say an hour or so to rise, but mine always takes longer, so alas I must wait the extra time to reap the benefit of soft bread
These first ones are of my son and his cousin together.  They got to see each other this weekend, which is always a lot of fun.  You can see how hard he wants to do the things she can (she is only 2 months older), and he gets close, but he is just not strong enough yet.  He falls constantly while they play, and he gets tired and has to rest (but only for a minute!).  He has so much fun with her though.  They danced and chased each other and tried to climb the cat tower (to the dismay of the cat).
The other ones are us on a walk that we do often.  I love the colors and the landscape there.

Turning back on the trail, the face of disappointment