Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Saturday, September 6, 2014

House and Health

House update
I had said I would make a post about the house days ago, but I was in very poor condition.  I finally made it out to the backyard to get pictures for an update. 
Plans have changed a little.  We are not going to take it all the way down to the trailer and build a typical tiny house on that.  We are going top leave the structure of the trailer as is and improve it- a lot.  We will replace the insulation, wall paneling inside, and flooring.  We will strengthen the framing.  We will be making changes to the furniture and increasing privacy by adding some type of removable walls to create bedroom space.  By keeping the structure, we will already have the plumbing, electrical, frame (sort of), some appliances, etc.  It will simplify building and decrease expenses.
So here are our "before" pictures of what we are starting with.  We have done nothing with it yet in these photos.  Demolition begins this week!!
Looking down toward back of trailer

Living room
Kid's room
Bathroom- this is scary right now, yuck!
Looking down trailer toward the front



Good and bad news on the health front. 

Good news first.  Our son does not need heart surgery.  He has a PFO, which is no big deal at all and doesn't require treatment.  His PDA, which is dangerous, has closed!  Yay!  So he is cleared for anesthesia for his ear surgery.  Now we wait for that surgery, which will be in a little over a week.  He does have a murmur, but the cardiologist said it was okay for his age to have this one.  He has been doing pretty well.  He had the flu, but he actually just got sick like a normal person and didn't require any emergency treatments.  Thank goodness!

Now the bad news.  I have gotten much worse.  I have been in very severe pain, particularly in my kidneys.  Two days ago, I went into the grocery store to pick up some medications.  I just went to the pharmacy counter and then stopped by on the way back toward the front for a snack, and my husband was waiting in the car right by the front door.  I could not hold back the full on sobbing before I got to the car from the immense pain.  I have gone from being able to hike well over 20 miles a week to crying hysterically about walking into the store.  This is why getting to the trailer in the backyard is actually a big deal.  A few days before that, I wanted to see the new historical line release for American Girl at their Alderwood store and had to use a wheelchair.  I have been trying to get a wheelchair to use when we go out, but they are hard to come by at a good price.  We have been trying to make a bucket list.  So many of the things I thought would be in my future I already cannot do.  I want to try and do some of my dreams before I can't.  Along with the intense pain, I get weak and tired quickly and it is difficult to breathe.  When I took L to the cardiologist at Children's I thought I might never make it out of the bathroom, because it was so hard to help him onto the potty and I was breathing like I was climbing a mountain.  Also, I am losing my hair much more quickly, and it is so itchy!  The optimism is feeling more difficult to find.  The relentlessness of the pain is difficult to bear. 

What helps?  It is just good to know that people are there and we are not alone.  Occasional notes just to say hi go a long way to lift my spirits.  Also, chemotherapy makes me crave sugar like crazy, so any dairy-free sugary treats are welcomed.  This week we are going to *hopefully* camp on the beach, not far from here, but still just somewhere pretty to cheer me up.  We have only stayed the night away from home once with L and he couldn't sleep without his own bed, so we will see how this goes.  One good thing about this lately?  I have been reading like crazy!  I am usually reading several books at once, for different circumstances, and I have finished many lately.  It has been a long time since I was unable to put a book down, but I have been like that with The Fault in Our Stars.  It's a goodun.  It has been with me 24/7, and I have almost read the whole thing in just 2 days.

Here are some beautiful/neat things so as not to leave you with that depressing thought.
Is this spider web not one of the most amazing things you have ever seen?  I was thoroughly impressed.
L is in love with Charlotte's Web so I found him this pig at the bookstore.  So cute!