Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Friday, October 17, 2014

House progress!

We have been working hard.  We now have a cleaned trailer!  This was so much more work than it looks like.  It was much more work than we expected.  We finally have a starting place though.  Once we got the old trailer off the frame, we also found that the trailer frame is a little smaller than we expected.  That's okay though- not a big deal.  The floor plan will be about 6 ft x 18.5 ft. Next step is to sand/grind it and paint it!

In other news, L has been reevaluated for risk of autism and no longer tests as "at risk".  Good news!  Bad news is that we had a video monitor in his room to watch him when he has breathing trouble at night and he is purely and utterly terrified of the video monitor.  It took us months to realize that was the problem.  Now we have a bedtime problem.  Hopefully now that we have removed the video monitor, things will get better.  
Enjoying Dad's birthday "ice cream"- thumb's up

I had a photograph of L published in Grow Northwest!