Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Micro Subfloor

We have a floor!  It is starting to look house-ish.  It has been super hard to get out there to work on it though, because it has been pouring rain.  Like overflowed the wheelbarrow with rainwater raining.  The days we could work were below freezing. 

First, we laid new aluminum flashing.  These rolls want to spring back into a roll shape, which makes for a frustrating, albeit very cartoon humor, task.  We tried to seal these down with construction adhesive.  That didn’t work all that well though, because it was only about 25F when we applied it so it was too cold for it to really work.  We ended up using aluminum tape to hold the pieces together. 

Then, we built the floor frame.  This part was fairly easy. 

Then, we filled the floor frame with insulation.  We are using recycled denim insulation.  I really like this stuff so far.  It is not dangerous, which makes handling easy, and is a plus for us considering respiratory issues.  Also, it is made from recycled blue jeans- how cool is that?  I pretty much love anything recycled.  The installation was pretty easy too.

We then attached the tongue and groove plywood.  Given the weather, the plywood was warped by the time we got to it.  This made getting the tongue into the groove very frustrating.  Lesson learned:  get plywood at the last minute or keep inside the house. 

Last, we attached the subfloor to the trailer frame.  We used metal strapping and lag bolts.  Pretty straight forward.

We drew out our floor plan on the subfloor in sharpie.  For those of you building, I highly recommend this.  Since we ended up building the frame narrower than my original plan, we had to change the orientation of our son’s bedroom.  This is not ideal, but I want the house to be with us as we grow, which means we need room for a twin size mattress.  By drawing out the plan, we found the bathroom was a little too small and the kitchen counter was a little too big.  We could make these adjustments before building, thank goodness!

We have started on the walls, but just barely.

Poor L has been sick.  105F fever again, but it did not last as long as before.  I really, really hope that this is not the start of a bad sick season again. 

And I will leave you with a great picture of the dog caught in action stealing the (vegan) pizza L threw on the floor.  Priceless.