Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving generally centers around the turkey.  All of the other dishes tend to be dairy heavy.  So how can you still enjoy Thanksgiving while staying vegan?  There are several dishes I like to make for Thanksgiving.  They are all vegan and all quite festive.

Here was the meal plan I made this year:
Colonial apples & yams (this year I used potatoes instead of yams)
Roasted potatoes
Mashed turnips
Cherry pie
Pumpkin pie

When my husband said the prayer for Thanksgiving dinner, my son clasped his hands and said “Dear God, thank you, *some gibberish*, yummy, yummy, yummy, Amen”.  Pretty adorable.

Colonial apples & yams
I make this entree every year.  This year, my yams went bad before I got to them (quite quickly for some reason this time), so I used potatoes instead.  Either is tasty.

2-3 apples
2 yams
½ cup maple syrup
1-2 tbsp vegan butter
Preheat oven at 350F.  Slice the apples and yams fairly thin.  Oil or butter the pan.  Layer the apple and yam slices in the pan.  Melt the butter and mix it with the maple syrup.  Pour over the apples and yams.  Bake until tender (about 30 minutes).

Roasted potatoes
This is the one dish that I could keep eating until I am sickly full.  Feel free to add any other vegetables you like to roast. 

About 25 tiny potatoes*
3-4 carrots
1 onion
About ½ cup Italian dressing**
* This year I used purple potatoes, but I also suggest fingerling potatoes.  If you can’t find either of those, you can probably find baby red or Yukon potatoes.
** You can make this yourself, or buy a vegan variety
Preheat oven at 350F.  Chop the tiny potatoes into about fourths, smaller if necessary.  Chop the carrots into similarly sized pieces.  Dice the onion.  Place them all in a baking pan.  Pour Italian dressing on top, then mix dressing throughout until everything is covered.  Bake until tender (about 30 minutes).

Mashed turnips
I know what you’re thinking.  Turnips?  Um, I’ll pass.  Have you tried them?  If not, you should.  If so, you should try them this way.  I was hesitant at first given their reputation, but this was pretty good.  I didn’t measure what I put into it, so this is an approximation.  In fact, I almost never measure ingredients.  It’s just one of those things you learn to eyeball.

3-4 turnips
 ¼ cup soy milk
 ¼ cup vegan butter
2-3 tbsp sugar*
2 tbsp cinnamon
*  Regular white processed sugar is made using animal bone char.  This blew my mind when I, unsuspecting, discovered this.  So if you want to avoid this, there are sugars that do not use bone char.  I use Sugar in the Raw, but there are others you can find with a Google search.
Chop the turnips into about eighths.  Boil them.  Once soft, drain well.  Mash.  Add milk, butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Cherry pie and pumpkin pie
The cherry pie was a hit this year, but the pumpkin pie was not quite solid enough.  Still a good taste, but just not firm.  So I will not share the pumpkin pie recipe here.

Cherry pie
Can of cherry pie filling

Graham cracker pie crust
Graham crackers
Preheat oven to 350F.  Pour cherry filling into pie crust.  Smash graham crackers into crumbs (fun for the kids!).  Cover the pie with crumbs.  Bake for about 20-30 minutes.