Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Saturday, January 17, 2015

A door makes a house feel real

Just a short post today.

We have installed our door.  It makes the micro house feel like a real house!  We plan to paint it red at some point.

We bought our roofing salvaged so there are some issues with it and water is getting in.  Sad.  We are working on fixing those issues.

L has been having serious issues breathing while sleeping.  He has an appointment at Children's for a sleep study, but we just have to hang in there until then.  He had one occasion where he turned blue and I had to get him to start breathing again recently.  Other than that, he stops breathing every time he sleeps, but has not turned blue other times.  It is making him terrified to sleep (I can understand why!) and he is not getting good sleep.  Not getting good sleep means that his already low threshold for sensory input is even lower and everything is overwhelming to him.  He has been biting himself and just generally being a pill from this.  My poor baby.  It's always hardest to see your baby go through bad times.  He is stable for now though, and if he turns blue again he will be admitted to the hospital until we can figure it out.

Here are some pictures from our recent outings too!

"Adult" moss

Giant Pacific Octopus

California sea cucumber

Green anemone

Plumose anemone