Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walls Y'all

The walls are up!  We put up the plywood sheathing for the walls and wrapped it in house wrap.  It is officially safe from the rain, of which we have been having a lot.  We even had snow a little bit.  Unfortunately, too much rain got into the floor, and we will have to open it up.  Stay tuned for that one, Lord willing.  It’s not too bad, but we don’t want the insulation to mold.  Now that the walls are up and dried in, water can’t get into the floor anymore anyway.  Now that it is dried in, all projects will be put on a temporary hold until I am well again though (I have pneumonia).   
Working on sheathing

Sheathing finished from the front

Sheathing finished from the back

Sheathing finished from inside

Excited for the micro house...

...But it's hard work.

Recycling cans into shingles
The drills have become a part of the family and all have names
We recently  visited a museum with vintage planes (many WWII or older).