Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Thursday, February 5, 2015

A window!

New window from the outside

New window from the inside
We have one window installed. The installation is actually quite easy, but finding windows to fit is the hard part. Initially, we designed the frame of the house to fit our salvaged windows. Well, when we bought the windows, the circumstances didn't allow us to take a good look before we bought them. We ended up buying windows that were different sizes and some that were not even intact. So we have had to get new salvaged windows. To anyone building any kind of house, I highly recommend going to your local salvage store. We have one just north of us and another just south of us. It's absolutely wonderful, and there will be a post later regarding salvage materials.

Current state of the roof
 Unfortunately water is STILL getting in around the edges.  I am not sure where since the roof looks fine.  So we plan to put an aluminum sealant coat over the whole thing.  I think it may be coming in through the very top of the wall.  So we need to get the window side covered in shingles.  Building in the rain comes with a plethora of problems.  The obvious being everything is always soaked, but also adhesives don't work, exterior paint/sealants can't dry, silicone has trouble... goodness gracious.

I have been to see a pain clinic for the pain caused by lupus. Interestingly, they said that they believe my pain has a few causes. Lupus is attacking my joints themselves and causing damage- that part I knew. The pain in my ribs and some other areas are actually being caused by lupus attacking and damaging my nerves. There are steroid injections that may help that part. Fibromyalgia is causing muscle pain too. I may have to wait for the injections though, due to complications with my chemotherapy. Although chemotherapy has helped, particularly with fatigue, I still feel a considerable amount of pain and am still limited in what I can do. Sometimes I need to use my hands, to sew for example, and I cannot get my hands to do what I need them to do, which is extremely frustrating.
Moss (aka our yard)
Mud puddle (aka the rest of our yard)