Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Have a Cat in the Hat birthday party!

This month our son turned three!  I get excited about birthdays with him.  It feels like a big deal, because it feels like we worked hard to get there and because we didn't think we would have the chance to celebrate birthdays with him.  So each one is special.

This year was the first year I could ask him what he wanted.  He asked for a Cat in the Hat birthday party.  He loves Dr. Seuss.  A lot.  Which I am perfectly okay with, seeing as how much I love the Lorax.  So here are the things we did to have a Cat in the Hat party.  These ideas are good for a birthday party or to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday or to celebrate reading in general!
Red and blue streamers work well for Cat in the hat

Even the fireplace got jazzed up

I have got to say, streamers make a plain room look like a party.  I never was a fan of streamers, seeing as how it seems like a waste of paper (i.e. a waste of trees), but it really did make a difference.  You can buy a 2 pack of streamers for a dollar, and honestly I think you could leave the decorations at that. 
Thing 1 & 2 inspired paper ball decorations

We also bought some paper ball decorations that looked like Thing 1 & 2 hair. 

These were just a few of our character friends along the walls.  We had about 15 of them.

We got some big paper cut outs of characters to put on the walls too.  Now these were not a waste of paper in the least.  He loves them so much that they go perfectly in his room, or once it is finished the micro house (aka school house until we may ever move in).

Vegan cupcakes with bookmark favors

We made vegan cupcakes and topped each one with a Seuss-themed magnetic bookmark as favors.  We served pink sorbet on the side (this is from "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" where he is supposed to clean up what ends up being pink snow). 

Hard work blowing out a candle

His lungs are really weak so it took him many, many tries to blow out his candle.  He ended up laughing and mostly blowing it out by the wind of tossing his head at it (and I helped a little). We are working very hard at getting him strong enough to make sound through a whistle.

Mom-made Cat in the Hat bean toss

Mom-made Cat in the Hat bean toss

Fishing for all the things the Cat in the Hat has to pick up at the end of the book

He's caught one!

Fishing is a little easier on the floor

This is a game that will get use again and again

 I made some games for the little ones, but there was so much going on that they weren't entertained for too long.  This was the first year we could really do games though, so it was still fun.  I bought a bean toss board previously to use for physical therapy.  So I painted it white and made it into a Cat in the Hat bean toss.  I also made a magnetic fishing game.  I drew all of the things that the Cat in the Hat has to pick up at the end of the book, cut them out, and put metal clips on them.  I tied a magnet to a string and a stick.  They sat on the bed and tried to pick up the pictures with the fishing magnet. 

Opening gifts

He really loves books.  He opened it right away.  Every book he said "What?!" in excitement.

He likes this dinosaur and immediately started singing "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains.  Some moments are priceless.

Opening gifts

Aunt Ashley helping cousin Alice open a candy

Of course all of the men have to play Minecraft for a bit

I just love this one of our family friend.  Ain't she gorgeous?

And you've got to have a Cat in the Hat from great grandma to make a Cat in the Hat party complete

It was a nice party and Layne stayed in control surprisingly well.  He was having a lot of behavior issues at the time.  His asthma was really bad for a bit.  He would cough if he moved and if he tried to run or got too excited he would have a coughing fit so bad that he would fall over, or even a few times throw up.  There were days that he would have labored breathing just sitting there, let alone having any fun.  That combined with all of the excitement and all of the changes around here, he was quite overwhelmed.  We had to bring out our whole arsenal against Sensory Processing Disorder.  We finally had to give him heavy duty steroids to lift him out of his asthma and crack down on our routine, and he is all settled down again.  Back to our sweet boy again. 

We were watching a movie together, and a woman was crying because she found out she had cancer.  Layne asked me why she was crying and I said that she was sick.  He said "Sad.  It's okay.  It's only sick."  It's interesting to see how he feels about being sick after he has been through so much illness.  I think children have something to teach, as much if not more than adults.

Lots of lab work...

As for me, since I have had a lot of questions, I am still in the wheelchair when we go out, but try to walk on my own in the house. A lot of the time I can walk in the house, but sometimes I can't.  I still have not met a doctor yet that has seen someone lose phosphorus.  I get tired, have to do weekly blood work, and take lots of meds for now.  My general doctor said "Everyone is unique, you just happen to be unique in a way that is interesting to doctors".  Hmm, great.  We were finally all well enough at the same time to go to church last Sunday, so that is a good sign. We have had a lot of love from the folks at our church, which we have appreciated very much.