Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Goodness it has been much too long!  I have been having trouble dealing with some medication issues.  I have been dealing with no pain medication (due to an insurance issue, but finally got more today) and trying to get off of steroids (a critical medication in some autoimmune disease, but with bad side effects and very difficult to manage withdrawal). 

I am always thinking of this place though- this blog where I share my thoughts with those I love and those that may be in a similar situation- and all of the things I want to share with you all!

Yesterday we had a great surprise- L received a cape from TinySuperheroes!

TinySuperheroes makes superhero capes for children with special needs. When someone buys a cape for their child (or one they know), one is also donated to a child with special needs.  It is a great program.  Children with special needs must be reminded that although their lives are full of difficulty, they are rife with joy, courage, and beauty.  These capes are one such reminder- one that is tangible to little ones.

He absolutely LOVES it!  He has worn it at all times, except bedtime and in the car seat (although he would if we allowed him!), since receiving it yesterday.  It was more amazing than I expected.  Given his intense sensory sensitivity, I thought he would not like the cape touching him, and he would not like to wear it.  Boy was I wrong. 

There are several ways you can get involved with TinySuperheroes. You can purchase a cape for a child in your life (typical or special needs) and when you do, a cape will be donated to a child with special needs.  You can also simply sponsor a cape for a special needs child.  If you know an awesome child with special needs that deserves a cape, you can nominate them.

There is another way to get involved for those that don't have the ability to sponsor a cape- a way that is also perfect for getting your children involved in giving and service!  TinySuperheroes Missions are small ways to remind children with special needs that people are thinking of them and cheering them on.  TinySuperheroes mails you a kit to complete, you send it back, and they send it to a child with special needs.  They are simple to complete, but can mean a lot to the child receiving it.  For example, I was involved in this last mission.  I was sent a kit that included a description of my mission and a photo and description of the children (sisters with a genetic muscular atrophy condition) that would receive my completed mission.  The mission was to make a card for them and send them some stickers. Their missions can be done for free or nearly free, so I encourage you to take a look.  I think it is an absolutely wonderful project for children to get involved in and learn about acceptance, empathy, and service.  I love the fact that you get a photo of the recipients too!

Here are the stickers I collected- mostly from labs for my lab work.  I thought these Super Girl ones were just fate!

A big thank you to TinySuperheroes for the smile they've put on my son's face and on the faces of countless other children!