Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Midsummer Camping- Part I

Independence Day
The ferry to Pappy's house
This July we went on a camping trip. A little one, but camping all the same. I took a bunch of photos (obviously), so this will be a Three Part blog article mostly comprised of photographs!

So, Part I.... we camped out at my Dad's (Pappy) house on the beach and watched the Independence Day fireworks. We got to enjoy the fellowship of my brother's family during that part of the journey too. So this part of the journey is full of family, fireworks, and Whidbey Island, WA.

It was beautiful, and being around family was great. I got pretty sick, since the sun really aggravated my lupus, even though I was so careful to cover my whole body in both sunscreen and clothing, and over-activity since it was not wheelchair friendly. Our son had trouble with getting overwhelmed constantly. But it was beautiful- the sun and the water and the grass and the fireworks and all of it- as you can see.

Loading onto the ferry
Scenery on the ferry
Pappy's backyard (that's a Great Blue Heron on the raft)
Pappy's backyard
Our camping spot (flat and a great view, especially in the early morning)
This picture sums up camping with our son and the autism whirlwind that ensues
Investigating the scenery in the wee hours of the morning as is such when camping
We have a climber
Making it to the top!
We also have a thinker
There is always something interesting to be found in the grass
This kid has an incredible ability to lose himself in an imaginary character as he is doing here... a little too incredible sometimes
Pappy laughing
Pappy with my son
The dog chasing the ball with Grammy
Grammy with my son and their dog
Grammy with my son watching the water in the backyard
Dog face
Our son and his cousin playing in the backyard in the pool
Our son and his cousin sharing secrets in the pool
Our son and his cousin playing in the backyard pool
My niece making big splashes
My brother and his daughter
 My sister-in-law with her daughter

My niece
My niece
Grammy holding my niece (left) and our son's "superhero" pose

Traversing the water line
Cousins searching the beach for treasures
Peanuts were a big deal. It was our son's first time eating shelled peanuts and no matter how many times we tried to help, he insisted on eating the shells.
Independence themed (delicious) snacks
Berry juice laden smiles
Puppy love
An old friend to visit
Waiting for fireworks (Our son's hand over his mouth has become a compulsion related to autism)
Waiting for fireworks
 The fireworks were so bright that they shone on the water
This firework captured looks a bit like a UFO, so I had to include it (it's what Mulder would have done ;) )
The ferry trip
Stay tuned for Summer Camping Part II !!!