Tiny Salutations

Tiny Salutations


Friday, February 3, 2017

365 Days of Something Beautiful Photo Project: January

This year I have made some pretty discrete goals for myself. One of those goals is a year-long photo project. I had been thinking about what it is that I have always loved about hiking, adventure, nature- things that I have felt a great lack of since become wheelchair-dependent- and I found that one of the biggest aspects that I loved was seeing that which is spontaneous and beautiful. I wanted to remind myself that these things need not only be found at the tops of mountains, faces of cliffs, or crevices of tideflats, but can also be found every day of my life as well, as long as I keep my eye out for them. So I started 365 Days of Something Beautiful Photo Project to help me capture these beauties, during which I will take at least one photo every day for the whole year. I do take photos most days of the year already- I am never without my camera. But in addition to being a nice body of work and a motivation to create, this would also act as evidence proving to myself that my life is beautiful every single day, not just the rare day spent in adventure, something I need to remind myself of often. I will likely miss some days here and there, but even on my bedridden days I expect to take photos. Also, since narrowing my selection down to just one photo per day will likely be even harder than taking them every day for me, I will permit myself to choose two on any given day instead of one.

Here is the first month of 365 Days of Something Beautiful Photo Project: January.

Jan 1: A view of the Olympic Peninsula near Jacobys Shorecrest Co. Park WA
Jan 2a: My son throwing rocks at Jacobys Shorecrest Co. Park WA
Jan 2a: My son standing at the water's edge at Jacobys Shorecrest Co. Park WA
Jan 3a: My tiny laughing astronaut on his therapy swing (I knitted his astronaut helmet myself)
Jan 3b: My husband working on a model car
Jan 4: My son in the sunlight at Mima Mounds

Jan 5: Pressed daisies
Jan 6a: Frozen fountain at Pacific Science Center
Jan 6b: Frozen fountain at Pacific Science Center
Jan 7: Working with Dad on building a toolbox at Home Depot
Jan 8: Dried, empty lanterns from a garden
Jan 9: Silhouette of a dream catcher (an utterly amazing Christmas gift from my best friend Sara)
Jan 10: My son investigating footprints in the snow
Jan 11a: A seed pod
Jan 11b: A marine snail shell
Jan 12a: Canadian geese on a frozen pond
Jan 12b: My son and husband chasing each other while pretending with Harry Potter "wands" made of twigs
Jan 13: A sunrise
Jan 14a: The chain of my medical ID bracelet
Jan 14b: Popcorn (vegan!)

Jan 15a: A beautiful view- somewhere in southwest WA (near Naselle WA) on the drive south to visit my best friend Sara
Jan 15b: Breathtaking sunset at Cannon Beach OR
Jan 15c: Sunset at Cannon Beach OR
Jan 16a: Breathtaking sunset at Ecola State Park OR with a silhouette of a tree
Jan 16b: Breathtaking sunset at Ecola State Park OR
Jan 16c: My best friend Sara's cats
Jan 17a: Another of my best friend Sara's cats
Jan 17b: My son (a huge Lewis and Clark fan) at Fort Clatsop OR
Jan 17c: One of my best friend Sara's cats in a window filled with dream catchers
Jan 20: The silhouette of tree branches
Jan 21: Laughter at a family gathering at my father-in-law's house
Jan 21b: My father-in-law's cat
Jan 22: A game of Candyland
Jan 23: A tropical fish
Jan 25a: A pinecone
Jan 25b: A pinecone
Jan 27: My child "king" taking a water break from his reign
Jan 28a: Tumwater Falls
Jan 28b: Tumwater Falls 
Jan 29: A caterpillar
Jan 30: Poly spots at physical therapy
Jan 31a: Butterfly at Pacific Science Center
Jan 31b: Butterfly chrysalis' at Pacific Science Center with my best friend Amelia
Jan 31c: Axolotl at Pacific Science Center
Join me each month as I share each month's daily photos!!